Saturday, May 4, 2013

Panel Topics Updates

The Good, The Bad & The Irresistible: A talk about all things Alpha male, what we love most about our supernatural men with C.J. Ellisson, Gabrielle Bisset, A.C. Arthur, Cat Miller, L.M. Pruitt and Stephanie Julian.

Fact Or Fiction: From zombies to vampires, the myths and legends that inspire our writing as well as popular culture with Darynda Jones, Alma Katsu, Rachel Rawlings, L.M. Pruitt, K.B. Miller, Cat Miller and Kristin Battestella, Tom Defeo of Fangoria.

PNR, UF, SCI-FI, CF, YA, HR - Decoding the Genres: Delve deeper into your favorite genres and find out what the difference really is, with P.J. Schnyder, L.M. Pruitt, Alexa Egan, Kristin Battestella, Vonnie Winslow Christ and Jordan K. Rose.

Love, Light and Angels: A conversation about near death experiences with Sharon Buchbinder, Jayne Howard Feldman and Sharon Saracino.

The Other Side: Experiencing the paranormal with Joya Fields, Laura Kaye, Jolea Harrison, Cat Miller, P.J. Schnyder, Vonnie Winslow Christ and Jordan K. Rose.

Brothers In Arms: Sexy men in uniform and sometimes armor, with Shea McLeod, Laura Kaye, Alma Katsu, A.C. Arthur, L.M. Pruitt, Gabrielle Bisset, Hildie McQueen and Alexa Egan.

Out Of This World: Gods, Monsters and Extraterrestrials with Shea McLeod, Hildie McQueen, Joya Fields, Stephanie Julian, Jolea Harrison.

Name That Vampire: Authors read excerpts, give the right answer and win prizes with Laura Kaye, C.J. Ellisson, Darynda Jones, Rachel Rawlings, Shea McLeod and K.B. Miller.