Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bigger and Better! HallowRead 2015

We keep adding to our line-up! We have some exciting new authors to announce for the third annual HallowRead convention- like JR Roper, Eri Nelson, Adrianne James, Pavarti Tyler and so many more! The amazing haunted house will be making a return appearance under the new name Mt. Misery! And we're expanding our Steampunk activities with an awesome live performance from the Night Watch Protocol! 

We'll be working on panels, more activities and booking more authors! Tickets are already on sale! Only 260 days to go!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Events and Activities Line Up

HallowRead 2014 is shaping up to be bigger and better than last year. How are we going to top a live interactive performance of Dracula and the amazing author line up we had you ask? Well take a look at what we've got going on so far!

SteamPunk Author Tea- with even more authors participating this year!
Ghost Tours
2 Paranormal Investigation Teams- be a part of an actual ghost hunt (limited tickets for this event)
Haunted Ruins attraction at the Patapsco Female Institute ruins
Live music at two locations in town
Author panels
Book signing
Grave rubbings at a historic cemetery
Fangover Breakfast
Plenty of opportunities to wine and dine with your favorite authors over the course of the weekend

And if that isn't enough, we've added free kids activities as well! We're growing into a full fledged festival complete with activities for the whole family to enjoy like our children's book nook- hear a children's author read and answer questions, the pumpkin painting and band bracelet making crafts, museums and more. Stores and restaurants will be offering specials throughout the weekend as well. So bring the husband or wife and the kids! Ellicott City is a fun place for them to hang out while you're having a fangirl or fanguy moment!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HR2014 Panel Line Up

SteamPunk Author Tea- Featuring PJ Schnyder, Tee Morris, Philippa Ballentine and Kady Cross

Soul Survivors- Featuring Maryland Paranormal Research Team

Grave Encounters- Featuring Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters

Almost Human- Monsters have gone mainstream, why we like to make them more like us. 

Bring Out Your Dead- From Warm Bodies to The Walking Dead, a look at the rise of the zombie horde.

Book of Shadows- Spells, potions and creepy concoctions, behind the magic in our writing.

Legends & Lore- Ancient religions, languages and texts, the cultural inspiration in our writing and worlds.

Once Bitten- From movies and books to morning cereal, a look a vampires in pop culture.

Hybrid Authors- Traditional, Digital First, Indie...Print and Electronic- authors talk about the various ways they make their stories available to readers everywhere and why they made the decisions to diversify.

Cross- genre Authors and the Multi-verse- authors talk about their various series in different universes, different genres and how readers might find themselves diving into SteamPunk and exploring the paranormal then daring romantic suspense and every genre in between.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

HallowRead 2014 Update

Can you believe HallowRead is only seven months away? I can't! There's still lots of work to be done but the line up this year is looking great so far! We've added new faces to the author panels, some of last year's amazing authors will be back and we're at a new location in the Historic District. We'll have ghost tours and ghost hunts with two paranormal investigation teams- limited tickets available for this event so buy them early if you want to take part. The SteamPunk author tea is back for a second year with P.J. Schnyder, Pip Ballentine and Tee Morris! Tickets include a full tea service while the authors read from their books. Limited tickets are available for this very cool event as well- again buy early! We're also working on a haunted woods attraction in the historic ruins of the PFI and a creature feature film fest! More details on those events to come soon.

Are you an author or industry professional? We've got workshops lined up for you as well! This year we'll be kicking off the event on Friday the 24th with some fantastic workshops on self-publishing, marketing, editing and more!

There'll be lots of activities for the whole family, out door pumpkin decorating for the kids, story time with author K.B. Miller and much, much more! So don't miss out on the fun! Tickets are on sale at

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We had an amazing first year with! I still can't believe from my imagination to a full fledged con with featured authors like Darynda Jones, Laura Kaye, Gabrielle Bisset, Alexa Egan, Stephanie Julian (too many to list here in the little post) and a partnership with Fangoria in under ten months! Crazy! I had the best time meeting readers, bloggers and hanging with my author friends. We've been working hard already for next year and have the beginnings of an amazing line up! Keep your eye out for posts on the Facebook page for HallowRead author news and links to give aways.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breaking News! Fangoria is partnering with HallowRead. That's right, the "First in Fright Since 1979" is coming to Ellicott City! Tom Defeo will be participating on panels and signing autographs on Saturday October 26th 2013! Be there and be scared!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Panel Topics Updates

The Good, The Bad & The Irresistible: A talk about all things Alpha male, what we love most about our supernatural men with C.J. Ellisson, Gabrielle Bisset, A.C. Arthur, Cat Miller, L.M. Pruitt and Stephanie Julian.

Fact Or Fiction: From zombies to vampires, the myths and legends that inspire our writing as well as popular culture with Darynda Jones, Alma Katsu, Rachel Rawlings, L.M. Pruitt, K.B. Miller, Cat Miller and Kristin Battestella, Tom Defeo of Fangoria.

PNR, UF, SCI-FI, CF, YA, HR - Decoding the Genres: Delve deeper into your favorite genres and find out what the difference really is, with P.J. Schnyder, L.M. Pruitt, Alexa Egan, Kristin Battestella, Vonnie Winslow Christ and Jordan K. Rose.

Love, Light and Angels: A conversation about near death experiences with Sharon Buchbinder, Jayne Howard Feldman and Sharon Saracino.

The Other Side: Experiencing the paranormal with Joya Fields, Laura Kaye, Jolea Harrison, Cat Miller, P.J. Schnyder, Vonnie Winslow Christ and Jordan K. Rose.

Brothers In Arms: Sexy men in uniform and sometimes armor, with Shea McLeod, Laura Kaye, Alma Katsu, A.C. Arthur, L.M. Pruitt, Gabrielle Bisset, Hildie McQueen and Alexa Egan.

Out Of This World: Gods, Monsters and Extraterrestrials with Shea McLeod, Hildie McQueen, Joya Fields, Stephanie Julian, Jolea Harrison.

Name That Vampire: Authors read excerpts, give the right answer and win prizes with Laura Kaye, C.J. Ellisson, Darynda Jones, Rachel Rawlings, Shea McLeod and K.B. Miller.