Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Are You For HallowRead 2015?

 As promised ladies and gents- the full panel list for HR2015!

Wham, Bam, Fang You Ma'am - The rise of the vampire, from Nosferatu to Eric Northman
Holding Court - Seelie, Unseelie and the creatures in their kingdoms
Shifting Gears - from Skinwalkers to Werewolves, why we love therianthropy and lycanthropes.
Ghostly Encounters - Authors share their experiences with the other side
Name That Vampire - Authors read quotes from famous vampires, some they've written, some they just love. Guess the write vampire and win some swag!
Author Game Show - Mad Libs and Scattergories with your favorite authors! Need we say more?
Don't Know How You Do That Voodoo That you Do So Well, It's a spell! -Mysticism and magic in novels, where authors find their inspiration.
Crossing Over - Transcending an age barrier, creating worlds that inspire readers young and old alike. Going beyond the Little Golden Books for young readers!
Decoding the Genres - UF, YA, NA, PR, and more, what the codes really mean and why they're important. Includes other codes used by the publishing industry and authors to explain content.
Gods, Myths, Magic and the Supernatural - History is rich with opportunity, an author’s playground and a reader’s delight. This diverse panel will discuss the implications of using gods, myths, magic, and supernatural elements in their writing.
Paranormal Romance Guild - Info session and panel.

We're loving the line-up and know you will too! Look for the updated post with which authors will be speaking on which panel!

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